How Browser Mining Works

Web Browser Mining is the action of confirming transactions with the spare CPU power on your computer through your Internet Web Browser.

How to Browser Mine

A Javascript application is embedded into a webpage and connects to a service such as Coinhive or Crypto-Loot. Furthermore, services such as allows you to connect your Browser Miner with your favorite Mining Pools.

Below is a GUI (Graphic User Interface) that allows you to turn on and off the Mining application by adjusting the amount of power you would like the miner to consume.

People wanting to benefit from this growing trend will set the nozzle to the maximum setting and leave their browser tab open while visiting other websites or even when they go to sleep.

Benefits of Browser Mining

Browser Mining offers a brand new way to monetize content producers by using the power of the website visitor’s computer. When a user visits the website, a JavaScript miner runs in their browser, using a tiny amount of power to mine cryptocurrencies instead of displaying intrusive ads.