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Jay Clayton and Christopher Giancarlo Testify at Hearing on Virtual Currencies

The Senate Banking Committee heard testimony from the chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), Christopher Giancarlo, and the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Jay Clayton, on the potential dangers of digital currencies as investments. Their testimony, amid a crackdown on Bitcoin exchanges in China and South Korea, wasn’t as negative […]

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Your Address

Your Address is an alphanumeric series or characters and/or a QR Code. Your Address is what you share with people so they can send you Bitcoins, Ether or Tokens. Your Address can also be known as you Account # or your Public Key.

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The blockchain is like a ledger of transactions. The block is a global decentralized spreadsheet that is stored and maintained by thousands of people (miners) across the globe who have special computers. The blockchain keeps track of who sent how many coins to whom, and what the balance of every account is. The blocks in […]

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